Bag trends for 2021: as seen on the runway

We all know that a good bag can totally transform your look. Designers are well aware of how many eyes follow the iconic bags on parade during fashion weeks, which is why there are so many cult pieces making their way up and down the catwalks. As much as we all want to be original and rise above the trends, the truth is that even the most offbeat looks take some inspiration from the runway.

2021 bags trends: colours

Let's have a look at some fashion show inspiration to get a handle on the bag trends for 2021, ranging from cult models to cutting-edge pieces. One of the most eye-catching catwalk trends is the return of colour: big names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tod's and Salvatore Ferragamo have been showing off their pastel shades, but classic blacks, whites, blues and caramels are still here to stay.

In fact, the colour dominating the bag collections on the 2021 runways seems to be white, the ultimate non-colour: light and bright, this symbol of spring, rebirth and purity is always a popular choice because it is so easy to match.

2021 bags trends: a feel for texture

We are seeing a return to minimalism after years of overstatement, which is tied to a push for high-quality handcrafted products. Luxury brands are focusing on the details that really matter without going over the top, sticking to pared-back designs and playing with textures. In addition to hammered and quilted materials, we have spotted knitted pieces, traffic light designs and repeated monograms on the runways.

2021 bags trends: the shapes to buy now

The first major catwalk comeback is the hobo bag, a crescent-shaped design that showed up in many collections and really stole the Borbonese show. Another popular and long-awaited blast from the past is the bucket bag, as reimagined by both Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

One of the top options is obviously the crossbody bag, which is a staple part of the latest collections; comfortable and practical, it has taught women to carry only the essentials, which leads us into another major trend: the mini bag.

On-trend designs: the return of the mini bag

The return of the mini bag has been making waves: after a few years of maxi bag dominance, the natural evolution of fashion has led us to mini bags, passing through crossbody bags along the way. Looking beyond clutch bags and hand bags, here at Henope we are ready to dazzle you with special effects: how about a mini jewelled bag designed to be worn as a necklace, for when you only need the bare necessities?

2021 bag trends: on the rucksack track

The rucksack trend of the 1990s is coming back around. Much like crossbody bags, they are all about practicality: hands free and plenty of space. Rucksacks are the perfect accessory for people on the go, whether you're moving around the city, heading to work or looking for a comfortable and practical option to carry all your worldly belongings. Our rucksack is designed to amaze: in addition to being extremely spacious thanks to its many pockets, it can actually provide extra storage and organisation options. Check out Henope's range of accessories to customise your perfect bag.

2021 bag trends: transformable bags

After years of seeing beautiful but not very practical pieces on the catwalk, designers seem to be back on the customer's side. Some of the most popular models among fashion enthusiasts are transformable bags, from rucksacks that transform into handbags to shoulder bags that can become clutch bags.