Leather rucksacks: what makes a quality rucksack

Rucksacks are a timeless unisex accessory. Leather rucksacks are a particularly versatile addition to a range of men's and women's looks, ideal for a range of situations, from travelling to city living to riding a motorbike.

They started life as school bags, then sporty staples, and now rucksacks are more than just accessories for bikers and hipsters: they are a must-have for urban outings, adventures, and even more formal settings. Ideal for storing your laptop, tech items, work accessories, and more, the rucksack is the ultimate bag, helping you to carry everything you need while keeping your hands free and distributing the weight properly without straining your back.

Rucksacks are a casual, useful, comfortable and convenient choice—as hand luggage, a weekend bag, or to carry your supplies for work or leisure—and here at Henope we also have brought out their aesthetic side to create a glamorous handcrafted accessory, made in Italy.

What makes a quality leather rucksack

Here are some key features to consider if you're thinking of buying a leather rucksack.

1. High-quality materials

First, take a look at the labels that come with the product. If you want to buy a quality leather rucksack, look for a handcrafted piece made in Italy, complete with proof of the origin of the leather.

2. Comfort

Never underestimate the power of comfort: a good rucksack should be strong and light, balancing the weight of its contents to keep your body happy.

3. Perfectly spacious

Rucksacks are all about storage, so you should be able to fit everything you need. The perfect bag size depends on your plans: a rucksack for riding your motorbike can be smaller than a hand luggage bag, but our advice is to choose a single versatile and high-quality piece.