The new style begins with H

The bags Henope I'm a concentrate of exclusive details, streetwear and ultra chic, recognizable at first sight in the vast panorama of leather accessories. You look at them and immediately understand that they are made of another pasta, they have another story, another burden. In each of them, in fact, from the clutch bag to the backpack to the pouch to the business bag, two souls coexist and their double value is felt. Hènope (from "Parthènope", the ancient Latin name of "Naples") was born first of all from synergy of two brothers, Julian (the youngest, who lives in Naples) e Alessio (the eldest, based in Miami) who, although physically distant, were able to create a strong bond and put it to good use in the creation of a solid business, a project based on two essential pluses: craftsmanship and excellence.

interno dello zaino rosso Leggenda di Hènope

Totalmente made in Italy

Made of very high quality leather and with a very strong personality, Hènope bags are handcrafted after being designed by talented emerging Italian designers and boast the quality without discounts of made in Italy both in the choice of materials, both in the creation and in the production. Each step is done with care. Every detail is meticulously studied.

zaino e borsa a mano Billdozer di Hènope

Each model is designed with all those, men and women in mind, who they don't pursue changing fashions every season but who are looking for a fixed point in their bag, a reliable presence, without whims, without unnecessary features.

interno zaino borsa a mano Buldozer di Hènope

Timeless style

Hènope creations are not made for those who chase trends relentlessly but for those who live their life intensely, those who work, those who travel, those who move around the city, those who go by motorbike, those who enjoy every moment, day and night, without ever giving up on style, creativity and refinement.

coppia uomo e donna in città con borse Hènope

I see metallic with which they are equipped, for example, they are not only a nice design detail but they allow the clever combination of other accessories, like a coin purse or a lipstick case: so you who have chosen to wear Hènope you can interpret it as you want, telling a little about yourself through your bag.

zaino Leggenda arancione

The 4 H rule

If the souls of the brand are two, the elements that underpin the concept of Hènope are four and they are all united by the H, the brand's iconic initial:


The contemporary hero and heroine who work, travel, live. Hènope bags are designed for support in every moment and movement those who want to face everyday life with style and efficiency.

zaino Leggenda camoufflage Hènope


The two brothers know that the design of a bag today must communicate a very high aesthetic and functional value. This is why they matched backpacks and business workers the Mini Componibili kit, purses and external object holders that can be attached to hooks to update the shape of the bag to the substance of rationality. Ingenious utility.


One certainty: tradition and cultural heritage they must be found in the style and material of a bag, otherwise the product is empty, without a soul. Today it is essential mention their authentic roots, also thanks to the choice of fine materials that can transfuse Italian elegance into the world.


Like the warmth and color, the passion and energy of two cities, Naples and Miami, different and distant, but full of energy and full of personality.

A world of values on a stock exchange

These are four traits that pay homage to the four days of popular uprising in Naples During the Second World War. In Hènope's thought they remind the world that, even today, there are those who know how to express their character with strength and imagination without compromising, without losing sight of true values, bringing worlds and cultures closer together, traditions and innovations and materializing in a bag - be it the small handbag Lolita or the big backpack Legend - a multi-faceted (and therefore unique) universe of knowledge and passions.