The Bulldozer Backpack to pave the way for Back to Work with grit and style

The bulldozer, as we know, is a powerful mechanical vehicle that leads the way between earth and rubble. It is thanks to his work that we can make a clean sweep and have new space available to build. Same name, same concept: the bag / backpack Bulldozer conceived by HENOPE takes on the great responsibility of paving the way for you in the best possible way for yours back to work is full of satisfaction, taking care not only of your weights but also of your class.

Bulldozer combines two different materials that seem irreconcilable: the neoprene (army green, gritty and can be combined with everything) and leather (black). The creation of Hènope draws its strength from this union, offering lightness and resistance, aesthetic value and functionality. It can indeed be carried both as a handbag and as a practical backpack, guaranteeing in any case style and efficiency multiplied by two.

Just like two, different and complementary, they are the brothers whose synergies gave rise to the start-up Hènope (from "Parthènope", the ancient Latin name of "Naples"). Although physically distant (one lives in Miami, the other in Naples), they have been able to combine forces and skills to create a project based on two essential pluses: craftsmanship and excellence.

Like every other model in the collection, Bulldozer also boasts the unrivaled quality of the 100% made in Italy during the choice of materials, creation and production. Every detail is meticulously studied to guarantee the best to all those, men and women, who do not pursue changing fashions but they look for a fixed point in their bag, a reliable presence, without sacrificing style, creativity and refinement.

The interior of Bulldozer is organized proof of the most demanding worker and female worker, with padded PC divider, many internal and external compartments and pockets, comfortable padded shoulder straps, adjustable side bands and back band with snap button to attach it to the trolley.

But, since the uniqueness also lies in the little things, Bulldozer is equipped with metal hooks, which allow the clever attachment of other accessories. I Mini Modular (like a coin purse or a lipstick case) characterize each model and are applicable at will to interpret your Hènope as you prefer, making it a sophisticated means for tell a little about yourself and build, day after day, solid and beautiful projects. Obviously, there are also two reasons for this umpteenth, special detail: even Bulldozers have a heart and… you don't live on business alone!