Why choose a handcrafted leather bag?

Among accessories most loved by the female audience, but not only that, there is the bag: a travel and life companion which not only tells part of the personality of the wearer, completing the look and embellishing it, but also allows to be comfortable and practical keeping personal items safe. Finding the right bag it may not be easy but once you have identified the perfect model for yourself, you will never abandon it. For this reason between many models of different shapes, design and materials as well as colors it would be appropriate prefer a handcrafted bag from good workmanship, attention to detail he's able to during the time.

After years of fast fashion the consumer is becoming more aware, also including the damage that consumerism can bring to the environment and the economy: if for a period quantity was preferred, today those who really love fashion aim for craftsmanship, giving value to designers, tailors and masters of the world of leather goods. If we were to identify the reason to aim for a handcrafted bag it would definitely be there quality: in addition to the choice of leather purchased from the best retailers, there is a study of the uniqueness of each model that becomes an element of pride even for those who wear it, being able to feel even more unique.

We from Henope we have focused a lot on concept of craftsmanship combined with that of made in Italy: our bags are the result of experience, creativity and quality in addition to having a large production of models designed for both men and women.

Handcrafted bags are timeless

A handcrafted leather bag has among its strengths that of during the time, evolving and aging gradually and adapting to different trends being a product with its own history. When we say that a handcrafted bag is timeless, we look upon the value of the bag as a real unique jewel that does not follow trends but itself becomes an element of distinction from the crowd.

Handcrafted bags have an emotional value

When buying a handcrafted bag you don't just buy the product but the study behind it, the labor of experienced staff, the choice of quality materials and so on. The finished product is the result of the hard work of dozens of people who contributed to the entire production chain, from the creative moment of design and conception to packaging.

Do handcrafted bags cost a lot?

The price is absolutely relative but keep in mind that a valuable product undoubtedly has an adequate price: you are not only paying for a brand and its advertising, the cost of an artisan bag has a cost proportional to the work and materials used. We don't want to talk about high cost but about adequate value for money: what is paid goes in proportion to the processing, the raw materials used and the careful finishes.

How to recognize if a handcrafted bag is of high quality?

To avoid rip-offs we reveal to you some tricks to understand if a declared artisan product also respects high standards. First of all, pay attention to who you are addressing: it is important that the shops tell their artisan path and are able to demonstrate it, perhaps even with special certifications.

Between statements to be taken into consideration when you buy a bag there is the made in Italy, a concept of absolute value recognized all over the world, quality raw materials even better if they are Italian and the handcrafted label that highlights how precious the product is. Then activate your senses: one good handcrafted leather bag there is one absolutely recognizable perfume but also to the touch it gives incredible emotions since the consistency is certainly identifiable.