A big leap into the metaverse

Well yes, we did it, we did it! Hènope did a leap into the metaverse and it happened during the 102nd edition of Pitti Uomo, which took place from 14 to 17 June 2022 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Absolutely perfect opportunity. Hènope was in fact wanted as partner too Esquire, the men's magazine of Hearst, who entered the metaverse with an international project for redefine male identity. A project not every day, let alone banal, which immediately intrigued us.

Everything always starts with a question ...

Esquire he asked himself: “Who are we? Redefining our identities ". Who we are? What defines us? What outlines our identities? How are they redefined in these complicated and fascinating times at the same time? Good question. To try to answer her, Esquire led to Pitti an exhibition of four NFT works by acclaimed contemporary artists (the proceeds from sales on Open Sea will be donated to Red Cross and Save the Children for Ukraine), chosen as as many covers by the four international editions of the brand (USA, Spain, Germany and Italy).

One was born unique exhibition path of which Henope, as one of the most interesting start-ups on the Italian scene, was called to take part.

Legend and Bulldozer, interpreters of a new identity

The appointment was at the Cavedio of the Central Pavilion, during the days of the Florentine event: Hènope became a partner, with his usual relentless enthusiasm and mad curiosity towards the new, by one engaging immersive experience set up within a multimedia environment. Scope? Projecting the identity, fashion, style, authenticity and essence of a new male being through the language of digital art.

Here they have found their ideal space two creations from the new Hènope collection: the multitasking backpack Legend e la versatile business worker Bulldozer, perfectly at ease integrated into the path, concentrated by tradition and innovation, shaped by merging the strength of heritage, the thousand needs of contemporary man and the most beautiful wishes for the future.